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December 1, 2021


A 10-episode series on Apple TV+ based on Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series.

Set 12,000 years into the future, the cities and vehicles and technologies are wonderfully rendered, though the likelihood of them being anything like what real life will be like 12,000 years from now approaches zero.

"Real life," for that matter, may be what we would now call unreal.

Great cast, storylines that intertwine and go forward, backward, and sideways in time to the point I gave up trying to keep track and just enjoyed the spectacle.

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Agreed. Foundation is spectacular. It warrants a second viewing to pick up on some of the details and relationships, but the world-building in this series is absolutely top-notch.

If I may offer a recommendation: For All Mankind (also found on the AppleTV+ streaming service) is completely binge-worthy.

It's an alternate history series, beginning with the Russians beating the USA to the Moon in 1969. From there, we see an entirely new space race, as NASA (and the USA) do everything to outpace the Soviets. Superbly acted, this series shows us the NASA we were promised in the 1970s, not the one we got.

Two seasons are already available, the third is presumably on its way.

Posted by: MacNCheese | Dec 1, 2021 10:55:05 AM

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