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March 24, 2022

Got commas?

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 8.32.57 AM

From the ever-fecund mind of Clive Thompson:

I give you a tool to analyze your writing

Last night I quickly cobbled together this simple web tool โ€”" just the punctuation."

Go there and you can paste in any piece of text you want: it will strip out everything but the punctuation.

It returns a little image designed with a font-and-color combo modeled directly after After Adam J. Calhoun's 2016 viz of Blood Meridian (below, left) and Absalom, Absalom! (below, right).

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 8.29.24 AM

I loved his mix of the beige-toned background and an old-school font, since it makes the dataviz reminiscent of a 1960s computer punch-card โ€” a delicious, nougaty layer of meta.

I have not yet built a way for you to save a visualization, but (for now) you can take a screenshot.

Free, the way we like it.

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