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May 21, 2022

Oldest Known Mechanical Clock

Located at Salisbury Cathedral in England, it was made in 1386.


Your wish is my demand.

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'Mr. Dyer says he has no interest in speaking to anyone who would remain on hold for so long.'


I burst out laughing when I happened on this New Yorker cartoon.

By the late, great Leo Cullum, it appeared in the August 9, 1998 issue on page 60 (as any fool can plainly see).

It went up on my fridge immediately and has remained there ever since.

Can you tell it's been there nearly 24 years?

It's especially funny to me because for many years, I chose to remain on hold for long periods, sometimes over an hour, rather than leave a message or call back.

I call this behavior "pathological patience," another form of which is my habit in long supermarket lines of moving with my cart all the way to the back if I'm reading an interesting article in a magazine.

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What do these three series have in common?

They all failed to achieve the equivalent of orbit — me watching every episode — but instead flamed out after I viewed the first one or two.

"The Dropout" (8 episodes), "Ridley Road" (4), and "Archive 81" (8) each came highly praised and so I started watching with great anticipation but I could tell I wasn't very much into them because days went by without my returning for more.

That's a sure sign of disinterest, just as bingeing on two or three episodes on consecutive days means I'm totally absorbed and can't wait for more. 

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A Guide to Pasta Shapes



Becky Krystal, the Washington Post's excellent food writer, drilled down in her signature fashion in a May 9, 2022 story headlined "A Guide to Pasta Shapes and How to Pair Them With Dishes and Sauces."

Ruffled and ridged

[Ruffled and ridged]

It's very long and detailed and you can read it here.



Above and below, 



the five main groups of pasta shapes.



Yes — there will be a quiz.

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Incomplete White Puzzle

Missing piece puzzle

I ❤️ this.

From the website:

As soon as a piece goes missing, a puzzle loses all its value.

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 9.59.47 AM

This puzzle is intentionally incomplete, and therefore sold at full price.

We did this because we thought it would be funny.


Features and Details:

World's first certified incomplete puzzle

 Includes 499/500 pieces

 Solid white

 24" x 18"




On the fence?


the video.

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