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May 7, 2022

How to embed a YouTube Short


Short story shorter: when you try to embed a YouTube Short by clicking on "Share" you only get its URL — not an option to copy an "Embed" link as is the case with regular YouTube videos.

That's a pain because a lot of Shorts are boj-worthy.

I had my Crack Research Team©® go behind the scenes to find out how to embed Shorts and they brought back a wonderfully easy hack, so simple even a TechnoDolt©® can use it.

1. Click on the Short you want to embed

2. Change shorts in the URL to watch

3. Click on the new URL 

4. Click on Share under the video and voilà: an Embed option appears

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you're the goat bro. another website was trying to charge for a service which accomplished this same task. I'm glad you blog has good SEO lmao. thanks again joe

Posted by: parker g | Nov 29, 2022 3:06:44 AM

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