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June 16, 2022

How to Easily Remove the Clear Wrap from Post-it Notes

As long as I've been using Post-it notes I've fussed and struggled to remove the clear wrap they come in.

Recently, while doing something close to nothing (but different than the day before), I read the fine print on the back side.


"Hark, what light through yonder window breaks?"

But I digress.

Turns out there are instructions for how to remove the clear wrapper: summarized, you grip the package on its sides toward the edges and snap smartly and voilà, the packaging opens in a neat line down the middle.

My instructional video up top illustrates the process, which is so easy even a TechnoDolt©® can do it.

If you look carefully at the front of an unopened package you'll see a faint line running from top to bottom: it crosses the first "t" in "Post-it."



a close-up of an unopened pack showing the vertical line along which the pack will open.

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A Mars colony will need 100 million people — not 1 million — to flourish

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 10.35.34 PM 1

The graphic above appeared in Paul Krugman's June 7, 2022 column titled "Elon Musk, Mars and the Modern Economy."

The gist of Krugman's piece was that Musk's plan to send a million colonists to Mars by 2050 is "actually an absurdly low number of people — far too few to support a modern economy."

Wrote Krugman:

Musk's comments immediately called to mind for me a great essay by one of my favorite science fiction writers, Charlie Stross, that posed precisely this question: "What is the minimum number of people you need in order to maintain (not necessarily to extend) our current level of technological civilization?"

Stross's answer was that given the complexity of modern society, you'd need a lot of people. In fact, writing back in 2010 — when Musk's Tesla was still a struggling company that had only survived the Great Recession thanks to an Obama administration bailout — he explained how Musk's current plan is thinking far too small: "Colonizing Mars might well be practical, but only if we can start out by plonking a hundred million people down there." I agree — if anything, that's on the low side.

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Ode to Velcro

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Fibonacci, please call your office

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 6.51.58 PM

Your sequence is ready.

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Glass Ice Cream Spoon


People who use glass utensils shouldn't eat stones.

Wait a sec... that's not right, is it?

Apply within.

[via swiss-miss]

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