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June 18, 2022

'Green Mountain Falls Skyspace' — James Turrell


From Artnet:

Light and space artist James Turrell is unveiling his latest "Skyspace" — a series of chambers with ceilings that open up to the sky — on the side of a mountain in Colorado.

The project, commissioned by the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation, is the centerpiece of the town's Green Box Arts Festival, which opens this weekend, and will be a permanent installation.

Titled after the Colorado town where it resides, Green Mountain Falls Skyspace, joins more than 85 other "Skyspace" installations built around the world, but it's the first one situated on the side of a mountain, as well as the first in Colorado.

"I was excited to work with the deeper blue of the high altitude Rocky Mountain sky," Turrell told Town and Country.

Billed as "an instant pilgrimage destination," Green Mountain Falls Skyspace aims to offer visitors a contemplative, meditative experience.

James Turrell, <em>Green Mountain Falls Skyspace</em> (2022). Photo courtesy of Green Box.

To reach the 18-foot-tall structure, which is near Colorado Springs, visitors must traverse a new half-mile trail on Red Butte Mountain, blazed specifically for the project.

"We envisioned an experience that included a small hike (accessible to all) that served as a journey to a euphoric encounter of art in nature," Green Box co-founder Larry Keigwin told Artnet News in an email. "Needless to say, the finished work is more than we could have ever imagined."

The project came together remarkably quickly; the groundbreaking was in late April 2021. (Especially in light of Turrell's long-running attempt to turn Arizona's Roden Crater into an artwork, which he has been working on since 1979, and is currently slated to open in 2024.)

"The site itself was the most challenging part of building and installing the artwork, such as getting the concrete, natural stone, and other materials up the side of the butte," Green Box executive director Scott Levy said, noting that the weather and material delays also presented difficulties.

Construction required transporting 1.2 million pounds of concrete and 100,000 pounds of steel up the mountain.


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Taking an ill cow to the vet in Switzerland

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Best Book Jacket of the Year


It's for the English translation of Hanna Bervoets' new novel, "We Had to Remove This Post."

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On thinking about where you were

For a while now I've stopped whatever I'm reading when I come across a specific date in the past that falls within the time since I've been alive.

I time travel mentally to where I was living and what I was doing — in a general sense — at that time.

For reasons not at all clear to me, doing this makes what I'm reading more interesting.

Try it, you might like it.


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QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze


If it's good enough for the U.S. Army to carry into battle it's good enough for your first aid kit.


You just never know....


Back story here.



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