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July 1, 2022

Infinity Roof


From Colossal:

Daoming Town in Sichuan Province, China, is known for its bamboo weaving traditions.

"The practice," says Archi-Union Architects, "is more than a rural industry. It is an integral part of the way families in the town spend time together and how neighbors visit with each other."

One of the firm's projects, pictured above and below, titled "In Bamboo," is an homage to this rich local custom.


Constructed in just 52 days back in 2018, the multi-use pavilion encompasses 1,800 square meters and contains space for exhibitions, gatherings, and dining.

The steel and wood structure supports a twisting, infinity-shaped roof of small ceramic tiles, which swoops down near a reflective pool at the center of the building.


Evoking the brushstroke of a traditional Chinese landscape painting and situated amongst a bamboo forest, the Möbius-style design is meant to capture the relationships between interior and exterior and heritage and innovation.

"The new definition offered for traditional paradigms and the rethinking of rural and urban issues provide a lens for thinking about the meaning of architecture in the present time," said lead architect Philip F. Yuan.

Find more photos of "In Bamboo," in addition to an archive of Archi-Union's projects, on its website.

[via Clive Thompson]

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Rock Objects — Laura Fischer

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 2.22.26 PM

Above, fennel seed grid.









More here.

Apply within.

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Admiral Grace Hopper explains the nanosecond — in 2 minutes

Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer.

She developed the first compiler for a computer programming language.

Here she explains a nanosecond to a room of learners.


They started talking about circuits that acted in nanoseconds.

Billionths of a second.

Well, I didn't know what a billion was (I don't think most of those men downtown knew what a billion is either).

And uh... if you don't know what a billion is, how on Earth do you know what a billionth is? 

I fussed and fumed.

Finally one morning, in total desperation, I called over to the engineering building and I said: "Please cut off a nanosecond and send it over to me."

And I brought you some today.

Now, what I wanted when I asked for a nanosecond was: I wanted a piece of wire which would represent the maximum distance that electricity could travel in a billionth of a second.

Now, of course, it wouldn't really be through wire.

It'd be out in space: the velocity of light.

So, if you start with the velocity of light and use your friendly computer, you'll discover that a nanosecond is 11.8 inches long (the maximum limiting distance that electricity can travel in a billionth of a second).

Finally, at the end of about a week, I called back and said: "I need something to compare this to. Could I please have a microsecond?"

I've only got one microsecond (so I can't give you each one).

Here's a microsecond: 984 feet.

I sometimes think we ought to hang one over every programmer's desk (or around their neck) so they know what they're throwing away when they throw away microseconds.

Now I hope you all get the nanoseconds.

They're absolutely marvelous for explaining to wives and husbands and children and Admirals and Generals and people like that.

An Admiral wanted to know why it took so damn long to send a message via satellite.

And I had to point out that between here and the satellite there were a very large number of nanoseconds.

You see, you can explain these things.

It's really very helpful, so be sure to get your nanoseconds.

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How To Stop Junk Mail


Our tax dollars at work.

From the Federal Trade Commission:

Tired of having your mailbox crammed with ads and other mail you didn't ask for, like preapproved credit card applications?

The good news is that there are ways you can cut down on how much unsolicited mail you get.

• How to Get Less Mail From Marketers

• How To Stop Credit Card and Insurance Offers

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Gummy Taco


From the website:

Dig into a delicious gummy take on a classic Mexican staple with the Gummy Taco!

This multi-gummy meal comes styled like a traditional taco but stuffed inside the convenient yellow paper shell casing is a variety of yummy gummy candies!

Upon opening this gummy fiesta, you'll find lettuce, tomato, and stringy cheese styled gummies, and once you manage to munch your way through those, chances are high that you'll even find a gummy bear or two!

Just when you thought tacos couldn't possibly get any better, we went ahead and made it gummy!

Features and Details:

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 8.36.05 AM


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One weird trick to make working on your computer easier and healthier


FunFact: 99% of people position their computer screens too low, such that they need to bend their necks while using them.

Your eyes should be on the same level as the upper half of the screen.

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