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August 5, 2022

I am a lurker on Reddit

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Full disclosure: I was an enthusiastic contributor (below)

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until a couple years ago when for reasons unknown to me my posts started getting banned.

I now lurk with delight and often find things interesting enough to feature on boj.

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'Missing, Presumed' — Susie Steiner

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I've only learned of countless wonderful authors when I read their obituaries.

Susie Steiner's, which appeared July 8, 2022 in the New York Times, is yet another in that succession.

"Presumed, Missing," published in 2016, was her first novel and a roaring success, becoming a best seller in her native Britain and selling some 700,000 copies worldwide.

From the Times: "'Missing, Presumed' was the first of three novels centered on Manon Bradshaw, a police detective in Cambridge whose personal life was almost as much of a mess as the cases she was investigating, but who you couldn't help rooting for and falling in love with," Andrea Walker, who published the book in the United States for Random House, wrote in an email.

Steiner's run as a detective writer lasted only four years and three books.

Her characters are sharply etched and striking and the writing absorbing as well as being sarcastic, original, observant, and very funny.

Highly recommended.

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Abandoned places

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From the Prepared:

Greg Abandoned is the nom de guerre of a photographer who finds and documents abandoned infrastructure from around the world.

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I appreciate the code of conduct among urban explorers to minimize vandalism: Do not reveal locations.

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Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Also known as the trapdoor spider and Chinese hourglass spider, c. latusicosta is an ambush predator which waits patiently for an unaware potential victim to scurry by its lair before it strikes the instant after motion is detected.

When threatened it burrows headfirst and then plugs the hole with its abdomen.


Its backside looks a lot like a coin and thus these spiders were often mistaken for coins by Chinese farmers.

They also resemble Aztec sun stones.


Their bite is non-toxic.

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: glow in the dark.

A third: moving parts.

More: inanimate.

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