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August 10, 2022

Cup Noodles Stir Fry

Easy peasy to the max!

I'm always looking for a way to do less to get the result I want.

Nissin's Cup Noodles Stir Fry caught my eye during my last foray to Kroger so I took a flutter.

This is my new go-to dish when even slitting the plastic to vent or stir mashed potatoes and re-nuke is more effort than I feel like exerting.

 Remove the aluminized paper top

 Add tap water to the inside fill line

 Nuke 4 minutes


I like this better than Nissin's flagship Cup Noodles — which have hit the spot for decades — because it's ready to eat right out of the microwave, compared to the boiling hot Cup Noodles.

Also, I prefer to let Cup Noodles sit for 15-30 minutes in the cup so the liquid gets absorbed by the noodles: the Stir Fry noodles are nice and toothsome right out of the microwave as the water initially added gets completely absorbed in the cooking process. 

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Brickit — 'Build new things from your old LEGO bricks'

"Just scatter your bricks on a table and take a photo. Brickit will come up with hundreds of ideas of what can be built with them — and show you the exact location of each piece you'll need."

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Paris at Night


From NASA:

Around midnight local time on April 8, 2015, astronauts aboard the International Space Station took this photograph of Paris, often referred to as the "City of Light."  

The pattern of the street grid dominates at night, providing a completely different set of visual features from those visible during the day.

For instance, the winding Seine River is a main visual cue by day, but here the thin black line of the river is hard to detect until you focus on the strong meanders and the street lights on both banks.

The brightest boulevard in the dense network of streets is the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the historical axis of the city, as designed in the 17th century.

Every year on Bastille Day (July 14), the largest military parade in Europe processes down the Champs Élysées, reviewed by the President of the Republic.

This grand avenue joins the royal Palace of the Tuileries — whose gardens appear as a dark rectangle on the river — to the star-like meeting place of eleven major boulevards at the Arc de Triomphe.

The many forested parks of Paris stand out as black polygons — such as the Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes.

Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports are distinguished by their very bright lights next to the dark areas of runways and surrounding open land.

Paris's great ring road, the Boulevard Périphérique, encloses the city center.

Astronaut photograph ISS043-E-93480 was acquired on April 8, 2015, with a Nikon D4 digital camera using a 400 millimeter lens, and is provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations Facility and the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, Johnson Space Center.

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World's first 3D-printed sewing machine

Gaze in wonder.

I happened on this wonderful creation on the Prepared, where Lee Wilkins wrote:

Whenever I show someone how to use a sewing machine, I share this gif that beautifully illustrates the interaction between the needle and bobbin.

I love the sewing machine mechanism, especially as explained by this episode of The Secret Life Of Machines as a human-powered sewing machine.

It's so hypnotic to see the bobbin mechanism work properly, but also no surprise when it doesn't, which is why I’m so impressed by this 3D printed sewing machine that has all the mechanical elements in clear view, including a uniquely-shaped bobbin.

I also like this DIY embroidery machine, which is mounted on a 3D printed gantry system.

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World's most expensive nail clipper

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.35.19 AM

What's with nail clippers becoming a thing here all of a sudden?

From the Klhip website:

Using surgical-grade stainless steel,

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.35.18 AM

this is the first nail clipper ever produced

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.36.18 AM

using metal-injection molding.

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.36.17 AM


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