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August 11, 2022

Animated Bowl — Kenny Sing


Wrote Clive Thompson:

Kenny Sing is an artist who makes gorgeous "animated bowls" — decorated with imagery that, when you spin the bowl, creates a zoopraxiscopic effect in which the imagery appears animated.

He's posted a short video showing how he made that bowl above.

It's quite astonishing, as is the rest of his work on display at his Instagram feed; you can buy his work at his online store, too.

As he describes his process with this particular bowl:

I always create perfectly looping animations where the first frame matches the last frame, but this animation doesn't loop, creating more of a spinning animation. This really tricks the brain into thinking the animation is rotating, but if you stare at just one circle in one spot, it appears to be almost stationary. The animation continues to change as the rotation speed slows over time and the rotations per minute, number of frames, and frame rate of the camera go in and out of matching up perfectly with each other to create this visual effect.

Can he make a bowl like this for you?

Apply within.

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How much???

Posted by: tamra | Aug 12, 2022 3:02:01 AM

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