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August 10, 2022

Cup Noodles Stir Fry

Easy peasy to the max!

I'm always looking for a way to do less to get the result I want.

Nissin's Cup Noodles Stir Fry caught my eye during my last foray to Kroger so I took a flutter.

This is my new go-to dish when even slitting the plastic to vent or stir mashed potatoes and re-nuke is more effort than I feel like exerting.

 Remove the aluminized paper top

 Add tap water to the inside fill line

 Nuke 4 minutes


I like this better than Nissin's flagship Cup Noodles — which have hit the spot for decades — because it's ready to eat right out of the microwave, compared to the boiling hot Cup Noodles.

Also, I prefer to let Cup Noodles sit for 15-30 minutes in the cup so the liquid gets absorbed by the noodles: the Stir Fry noodles are nice and toothsome right out of the microwave as the water initially added gets completely absorbed in the cooking process. 

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Sounds & looks yummy, I know I'd inhale it in seconds.

But I just KNOW it's loaded with sodium. Why the hell does everything have to have so damn much salt? Yeah too much sugar in everything too, although sugar doesn't bother me much, just my teeth. It's the damn effing salt!

Posted by: Flautist | Aug 10, 2022 8:37:23 PM

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