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August 8, 2022

How to use RayBan Stories glasses without getting arrested

[Yours truly demonstrating what people see when you wear these glasses in their native form and record video.]

Long story short: be like me and put a small piece of matte black tape over the bright white LED at the upper right hand corner of the frame that flashes when you take a photo or stays on while you record a video.

[I demonstrate how to go dark while recording video using RayBan Stories glasses.]

As best I can tell, not a single person I've encountered while out and about wearing RayBan Stories glasses and using them to make videos has realized they aren't regular frames.

Financial Review columnist John Davidson's advice on this topic appeared in his July 25, 2022 column, from which excerpts appear below.

Ray-Ban Stories are electronic glasses with a microphone, speakers, and two cameras built-in that you connect to your phone via Bluetooth to help you break your addiction to your phone's screen and stay engaged with the world.

We'd been hoping Meta's recent upgrade would add simple commands such as "Hey Facebook, what's the weather?" or "Hey Facebook, what's the time?," to help deliver on the promise of a screen-free life.

Alas, no.

Stories are much less helpful than they might be, meaning you're still going to need to look at your phone incessantly.

The Facebook voice assistant supports only commands such as "How much battery is left?" and "Take a photo" or "Take a Video."

People might become suspicious and pay attention to the itsy-bitsy LED that comes on at the front of the Ray-Bans whenever you're using the cameras.


[The tiny white dot that comes on when photograph or video people should be easy to paint in.]

I'd suggest you put a tiny dab of paint on that itsy-bitsy LED.

Why would anyone in their right mind use paint when removable tape does the job just as well, as any fool who watches my Academy Award-Nominated videos up top can plainly see.

It seems obvious now in retrospect but I recall spending well over an hour at Sunglass Hut looking at all the styles and lens colors of these glasses before deciding to go with clear lenses as opposed to tinted because it struck me wearing sunglasses indoors would automatically bring unwanted attention.

One more thing: while I was making my demonstration videos I had numerous flubs, a couple of which I posted on my YouTube channel as outtakes.

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Can we just talk about the hat?????

Posted by: Clif Marsiglio | Aug 10, 2022 11:00:35 AM

Paper punches are your friend to cut tape into tiny, specific shapes for LED covers, glow in the dark tape button markings etc. etc.

Posted by: Scott | Aug 9, 2022 10:05:27 PM

I'm just curious about the hat, is there a cold (cool) front moving through?
Here, the dew point is 71 and it feels like a steambath 94F. Horrible! 🥵

Maybe some of that hat weather will move down here😃

Posted by: Flautist | Aug 8, 2022 4:41:54 PM

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