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August 27, 2022

Mobile livestream: Final push


Constant readers will know that I've been dreaming of bookofjoeTV in the form of livestreaming on YouTube from anywhere since I started here in 2004.

YouTube requires 1,000 subscribers to unlock this feature: back in 2013 when I had 96 subscribers, it seemed a pipe dream.

Even last October when I was up to 706, it seemed a long way away.

Then I hit an inflection point such that in the past 10 months I've added 244 subscribers.

50 more and the dream will come alive.

Go ahead, subscribing is free — the way we like it.

Tell your family and friends to hop on board while you're at it.

No salesman will call.

As Mae West remarked, "More is never enough."

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3 more to go now! Added my partner! Loooong time silent reader/follower here.

Best of luck!

Posted by: Matthew Ryan Shepherd | Sep 7, 2022 8:29:08 PM

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