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August 15, 2022

The best job I ever had lasted one day


It was back in Milwaukee when I was a teenager.

My little brother was a star hot dog vendor at Milwaukee County Stadium, making great coin during Braves games.

I asked him one day could I come along and try selling hot dogs myself: I figured it'd be a snap getting hired with his rec and my being related and it was.

As a rule you had to start with peanuts and then work your way up through soda before you got to sell hot dogs but like I said they gave me a pass 'cause of my bro.

They gave me an apron and one of those metal devices with stacks of nickels, dimes, and quarters you wear in front on a belt and push down on to make change.

At the time hot dogs cost 25 cents and a general admission ticket was 50 cents.

Then they gave me a big insulated container of steaming hot dogs and off I went into the stands.

Here's where I went off the rails: all I'd wanted to do was watch the ball game — I could not have cared less about selling hot dogs or making money.

I was a rabid baseball fan and went to 30-40 games every season (there were 77 home games in those days).

I figured with my container of hot dogs strapped to my front I could go anywhere I wanted in the park among the prime box seats to watch for an inning or two, then stroll over to another section, and when I got hungry, well duh.

People would see me and call out "Hey, hot dog man," and I'd sell them however many they wanted: if others yelled out and I didn't want to miss the live action, I'd ignore them.

Bottom line: I pretty much broke even, selling a few and eating a few.

When I turned in my stuff and the guy in charge and my brother saw how little money I'd made, they both went insane, screaming at me about how could I have sold so few dogs?!

I just pretended to be confounded myself.

Needless to say, little brother wasn't happy at having put himself out there for me and that was my last turn as a hot dog vendor.

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hee hee.
My first job, at around age 14, was at a gas station/newsstand.
I was overly distracted by the all the comic books and magazines,
and that job only lasted a couple of days.

Posted by: Luke | Aug 17, 2022 9:23:57 AM

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