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August 11, 2022

My Dead Hand


From Wikipedia:

Dead Hand (Russian: Система «Периметр», Systema "Perimetr", lit. "Perimeter" System, with the GRAU Index 15E601, Cyrillic: 15Э601), also known as Perimeter, is a Cold War-era automatic nuclear weapons-control system (similar in concept to the American AN/DRC-8 Emergency Rocket Communications System) that was constructed by the Soviet Union.

The system remains in use in the post-Soviet Russian Federation.

An example of fail-deadly and mutual assured destruction deterrence, it can automatically initiate the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) by sending a pre-entered highest-authority order from the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Strategic Missile Force Management to command posts and individual silos if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity, and pressure sensors even with the commanding elements fully destroyed.

By most accounts, it is normally switched off and is supposed to be activated during times of crisis; however, as of 2009, it was said to remain fully functional and able to serve its purpose when needed.

I had the most wonderful idea just now.


Long story short: I may — may — start today to advance post way beyond what I've ever done before.

My all-time record is 160 posts ready to appear in sequence automatically for 20 days, back around 2010 when I was posting 8x/day (!).

I did that out of necessity since I'd agreed to do a two-week-long anesthesia locum tenens in Richmond, Virginia, some 75 miles from where I live in Charlottesville, which included night call every four nights.


I figured I might be in no mood to create boj posts after pulling an all-nighter, living in a hotel room with who knows how decent internet.

My brainstorm this morning: create and advance post 1,825 boj entries — a full year's worth at my current rate, 5x/day.

I love this because should I spontaneously combust — my preferred mode of departure from this mortal coil — no one would be the wiser until one day there were no posts.

As days of stasis accumulated, more and more concern about me would make itself known online, until someone discovered that I'd crumped months earlier.



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