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August 2, 2022

The people have spoken: Hey Joe — SHUT UP!

Silence wins

Yesterday I conducted an A/B experiment à la Marissa Mayer back in the day when she was making Google "Lord of Search."

I made two RayBan Stories videos (screengrabs up top), each 30 seconds long, one with me talking and explaining my experiment, the other with no speech, both conducted while driving east on Barracks Road en route to the bank and FedEx.

As any fool can plainly see by the YouTube view count, less is more.


One more thing: I realize any video can become silent by simply muting the audio but why should viewers have to do anything to enjoy the absence of my palaver?

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I mean...I do like watching videos of driving or trains or otherwise that are just ambient. I 100% skip them if someone is talking because it takes away from the distraction and makes it into something I have to pay attention to.

Posted by: clif | Aug 2, 2022 3:32:54 PM

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