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September 29, 2022


From The Prepared: "This is a review of an 857-hour documentary movie, which traces a piece of consumer electronics (a pedometer) backwards from Stockholm to Shenzhen. This is a 72-minute fan cut of the same film."

YouTube caption:

The Logistics Art Project is known as the longest film of all time, clocking in at 35 days and 17 hours in length).

The film itself is a reverse-chronological order, real-time recording of the journey of a pedometer from its point of sale in Stockholm back to the factory it was made at in China.

This version is a 72-minute edit of the footage which is taken from the project's website.

It was made to create a single edit of the 37 individual (roughly) 2-minute clips taken from each day of recording, in order to offer interested viewers a more standard movie length version.

The original footage is mute — however, a score has been added for this edit.

If you wish to watch the footage unaltered in that regard, you can mute the video.

Score: "Bull of Heaven — Our Light Is a Voice"

Website for the Logistics Art Project: https://logisticsartproject.com/

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