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October 2, 2022

Odd Signs

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 8.48.26 PM


Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 8.44.12 PM


Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 8.41.27 PM


Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 8.44.12 PM copy


Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 8.41.27 PM copy

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Expert's Expert: Cook's Illustrated Magazine test cook Andrea Geary on the one piece of equipment she'd take home if she could have her pick from the Test Kitchen


Asked what it would be, Ms. Geary (above) replied, "It's a total luxury item, but the Vita-Mix blender. Those are fantastic. It's the kind of thing I would never spend the money on myself. But if they gave me one? I'd be fine with that."

You can too.


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Bruce Lee demonstrates some kung fu moves

He really was fast as lightning.

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Find the 12 differences



Original up top, altered image below.

Answers here.

I've noticed that the simpler the images upon first looking at them, the more difficult finding the differences proves to be.

There are several in this puzzle that can only be termed "diabolically subtle."

Fair warning.

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Binchōtan Bead Bracelet

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 7.55.31 PM

From the website:

This bracelet is made with Binchōtan (also called white charcoal), considered the finest charcoal in the world.

Each bead is polished by hand by an experienced craftsman in Korea — an arduous process taking months to finish.

From afar, the beads are smooth and shiny, almost like porcelain.

Up close, the fine grain of the original oak wood is still visible.

White charcoal has an extremely high carbon content and has been prized for centuries for its beneficial effects on blood circulation, body temperature, and spirit.

Features and Details:

 Each bead is 0.6" in diameter

 Bracelet size is adjustable

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 7.55.42 PM


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