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October 27, 2022

BehindTheMedspeak: I'll return to running 5k races when the Covid death rate drops to that of car crashes

About 45,000 people a year die in the U.S. in car crashes (NOT accidents: that's a euphemism favored by the auto industry so as to make these events seem unavoidable).

That's about 120 people/day.

The current Covid death rate in the U.S. according to the C.D.C. is an average 388/day, way down from the 3,300/day at the height of the epidemic in January of last year but still over 3x that of car crashes.

Looks like I won't need to lace 'em up anytime soon, considering how slowly the Covid death rate has been falling.

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Posted by: Banquo | Oct 28, 2022 10:39:49 AM

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