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October 3, 2022

Soda or Pop?


Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 8.23.48 PM

Depends where you live.

Created by Joshua Katz, this map illustrates regional variations in the generic term for a sweetened carbonated beverage.

Many people in the South ask for a Coke even when they're ordering a Sprite, as in: "I'll have a Coke. What kind? A Sprite, please."

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I don't care what my region says according to this map. It's soda. If you want some carbonated water, is it called "Pop"? No, it's "Soda", "Soda Water", or (although it's not the exact same thing, but still pretty close( "Club Soda". Calling soda "Pop" is as abrasive to me as calling a Denim Jacket a "Jeans Jacket". You wear Jeans on your legs, not on your torso.

Posted by: Rocketboy_X | Oct 4, 2022 9:25:31 PM

As a kid it always cracked me up to hear the terms soda, or pop, or sodapop. I figured those were some kind of weird "northern" elixirs that probably contained stuff like sassafrass or iodine. Some nauseating medicinal thing that people not from my part of the country drank for their "health."

My favorite term for soft drinks, besides the all-encompassing "Coke," was what my Uncle Joe (from Detroit!) called them: bellywash.

Posted by: Flautist | Oct 4, 2022 9:48:23 AM

The regional map is interesting, but I'd be curious what the raw numbers are for each option. I would guess soda is well ahead of the other two.

Posted by: Rick | Oct 4, 2022 6:59:58 AM

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