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October 28, 2022

What Screen Cleaner Does Apple Use at the Genius Bar?

Being a card-carrying fanboi from inception, it never occurred to me until today to ask.

Here's a Q&A from an Apple Support Group Discussion:

I visited an Apple Genius Bar today to bring my MPB in for repair.
While I was there I asked about screen cleaning and learned they use a liquid screen cleaner.
Frank (an Apple Genius tech) told me they use it all the time and buy it in bulk because it works so well.
Here is a link to the small size (3.4 oz; $14.99). http://amzn.to/2g9GJuV
Here is a link to the big bottle (16.9 oz; $18.88). http://amzn.to/2fI5DRL
I had my Crack Math Team©® double-check the numbers above: indeed, for an additional $3.89 you get about 5x more.
Might be a nice gesture to repackage some for your homies.

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