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November 18, 2022

African painted dogs at the Oregon Zoo notice a visitor's service animal

YouTube description: ""My service dog is an Icelandic sheepdog who travels everywhere with me. When we visited the Oregon Zoo, their group of African wild/painted dogs took an interest in the new animal walking by their enclosure and rushed up to the glass to investigate."

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'Lobbing Potatoes at a Gong' — Rodney Graham

A 16-mm film loop whose full title is "Lobbing Potatoes at a Gong (1969)."

From artmap:

Made in 2006, it documents a fictitious performance set in 1969 which clearly resembles a Fluxus event.

The artist, played by Rodney Graham, is shown sitting in a chair in an alternative art space.

The audience watches him trying to hit a gong with potatoes.

Taking as his fashion icon the artist Dan Graham, Rodney Graham's costume represents what he might have worn had he been a New York artist at the time: plaid shirt, jeans, and Red Wing boots.

The potatoes that hit the gong were subsequently distilled to create a limited-edition vodka.

As with many films by Graham, this relatively simple action contrasts starkly with the efforts that went into the production, for which the artist did much research and hired a professional film crew.

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Hyper Folding Laptop Stand

Mine just arrived and it's very nicely done.

It's a good idea to keep your laptop above your work surface to avoid liquid-induced catastrophe, and if you have a cat you mos def wanna elevate the keyboard before your little purring friend deletes your work or locks the machine in such a way that you can't unlock it without an enormous effort.

I even succeeded in following the enclosed pictorial instructions for setting it up correctly (though anyone four years old or older with an I.Q. in triple figures could do the same without the instructions — it's fairly obvious).

For those not meeting the criteria enumerated above, there's a nice video (top).

Yes, it's in Vietnamese, but no worries: it's got closed captioning.

Wait a sec, joe — chú thích cũng bằng tiếng Việt!

Go away.

I don't understand why it says 

                               FOR MACBOOK LAPTOP

on the box 'cause it would work perfectly well with any laptop.

Must be because it comes in Apple laptop colors: Space Gray and Silver.


On the fence?

This laudatory in-depth review might help move you to one side or the other.

And remember — the Ti-clad boj guarantee applies, as it does with anything you pony up for as a result of learning about it here: should you take a flutter and find yourself not completely satisfied, let me know and my Crack Refund Team©® will return twice what you paid for it.

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