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November 19, 2022

Folding iPhone

I found this video extremely interesting.

No, I don't understand Chinese: I read the English closed captions.

Long story short: it took these experts a year and 37 (thirty-seven) iPhones destroyed before they succeeded in making one that folded and worked.

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Sheep Circle

Hundreds of sheep in Inner Mongolia have been walking in a circle for over 12 days.

No one seems to know why.







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Horizon Helvetica — 'Swiss Army knife of sketching tools'

From Colossal:

The team at Horizon has created a new double-sided ruler that combines functions like an imperial and metric compass, protractor, T-square, circle stencils, and four straight-edges in inches, centimeters, pixels, and picas — all packed into a laser-cut stainless steel tool the size of a credit card.

They have also incorporated the Helvetica typeface, which rose to popularity in the mid-20th century for its clarity, to make the measurements even easier to read.


Your wish

is my demand.

You really don't have much to do, do you?

OK, I hear you.

Visit the project's Kickstarter page, which has so much information on it you might very well say to yourself after an hour or so, "There goes the day."

Wait a sec....


[via Clive Thompson]

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