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November 24, 2022

JenniCam — On April 3, 1996 Jennifer Ringley went where no one had gone before

Long story short: That day, 19-year-old Jennifer Ringley — a junior at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania — turned on a webcam in her college dorm room and began livestreaming her life to anyone who cared to watch.

Above, Episode 1 of her 43-episode run.

My livestreaming efforts stand squarely atop her bold shoulders.

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'Deadwind' — Season 3

This excellent series set in contemporary Finland requires subtitles unless you understand Finnish.

It's a crime thriller with a great cast, as usual with Netflix's foreign-made productions featuring actors I'd never seen nor heard of before watching.

The show features Helsinki to its best advantage and ventures out into the spectacular countryside.

Spend six hours in Finland without leaving home: that's a pretty good deal IMHO.

I like very much that Netflix posts all series episodes at once rather than doling out one per week for months, which is how Prime Video and Apple do it.

Sure, I'd love to start Season 2 of Apple TV's "The Mosquito Coast," which just appeared — but the final episode won't air until January 23, 2023.


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The best cheese knife for Bayley Hazen blue

It's the one I demonstrate in the video above.

Do you like my original 1967 Formica countertop?

Classic pattern.

But I digress.

All blue cheeses are problematic when it comes to cutting them: if you've allowed an hour or two to come to room temperature, as recommended by experts, these cheeses find themselves in a kind of textural no-man's land — too soft to slice neatly with most hard cheese knives yet too hard to cut neatly with a soft cheese knife.

Yes, specialized knives exist for different firmnesses.

But I digress.

Bayley Hazen blue cheese is made by Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, and can be oftimes found in good supermarket cheese departments.

You can buy it online ($21.99/half-pound) but fair warning: shipping and handling costs for cheese are often astronomically high, sometimes more than the cost of the cheese itself.

My Bayley Hazen blue cheese knife costs $18.

Not sure?

Here's a video

from Rada Cutlery, which makes my favorite Bayley Hazen knife.

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