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November 26, 2022

Most popular browsers in different countries in 2012 and 2022

I wonder how come Safari now rules in Greenland.





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Fastest way to empty a bottle

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SweeTango — 'World's Best Apple'

Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

From Apple Rankings:

Selectively bred to snap like a sweet piece of celery, this apple, available only in September and October (if we're lucky) in certain supermarkets is the best apple ever to grace the world of Gods and men.

A gifted child of the spectacular Honeycrisp and elusive Zestar, this nearly immaculate treasure was blessed with the greatest qualities of both its parents, but manages to avoid any of their unfortunate flaws.

If this was the apple that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden I wouldn't blame her; for the taste of just one SweeTango is worth living through a thousand painful childbirths.

The one downside of the SweeTango — other than needlessly lopping off the "T" from "Sweet” to form the repulsively frolicsome word "Swee" — is its paltry robustness.

Get these before November 1 or you'll be cursing my name as you bite into a hollowed out balloon of an apple.

And, if in the Western Hemisphere, don't be fooled into buying New Zealand SweeTangos in the winter — they can't handle the trip. 

But wait — there's more!

SweeTango even has its own blog.

You could look it up.

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