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November 27, 2022

Add a Tile locator to your cat's collar

Several readers emailed to ask for information about the device my five-month-old Calico cat named Vanta sported in her collar in the video in last Monday's post extolling my flat spork.

Your wish is my demand.

It's a Bluetooth locator made by Tile which fits perfectly into a plastic adapter.

Why not just use an AirTag like everybody else, joe?

I knew you'd ask: I mean, I asked!

The reason I've so far not opted in to AirTags is because Apple requires that you first set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your phone.

I'm afraid that if I do that it'll make my TechnoDolt©® life more difficult by forcing me to take an extra step to use my phone.

The main reason I won't do it, however, is this: if you set up 2FA, you have two weeks to try it out, after which you cannot remove it.

That scares me.

Like Jeff Bezos, I know a one-way door when I see one.

But I digress.

Here are the components to build one a nifty collar like mine if you want to be like me & Vanta:

• Tile Sticker (I paid $29.99 a month ago; it's now $19.99)

Tile collar adapter  (2 for $8.99)

Personalized breakaway collar ($7.99)

You download the Tile app for your phone and it's easy-peasy (trust me of all peeps on this) to set it up.

The Tile Sticker is said to have a 250-foot range.

As long as Vanta's breakaway collar stays on, I'll have a fighting chance of locating her.

If not, I just have to hope whoever finds her is savvy enough to palpate the back of her neck/upper back to see if there's a embedded chip (which she has).

Up top, a video I made demonstrating the components discussed above.


a demonstration of the Tile Sticker collar in action.

As promised, I went outside and measured the Tile's range.

Alas, it came up WAY short of what's advertised (250 feet): the maximum distance from the Tile to activate it with the "Find my Tile" app was around 50 (fifty) feet.

Even then, I had to listen really hard in a relatively quiet place to even hear the faint beeps at that distance.

If Vanta bolts through a briefly opened door, I'd better hope she doesn't wander too far from home during her explorations.

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Apple Airtag works to serve a similar purpose. However, because iphone users are somewhat ubiquitous (at least compared to Tile users), the range of its bluetooth tag is greatly enhanced since all iPhones can act as 'repeaters' for the Airtags. Probably worthwhile considering if you are worried your cat might wander further...

Posted by: lewildbeast | Nov 29, 2022 1:18:33 AM

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