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November 25, 2022

'How We Make Jacker Snacks'

It first glance I thought this was a clever riff but upon further inspection my Crackerjack Research Team©® assured me it was no humbug.

CB's Nuts makes Robust Roast Peanuts in the Shell that are almost always sold out.

I know why: it's because they're sooooo good.

I visited their online shop to see if perhaps they were back in stock but alas you have to buy a bulk 12-pound box.

That's nuts.

However, browsing the store I happened on Jacker Snacks, new since my last visit: tell you what, they had me in an upscale minute.

I wonder how long till Cracker Jack's parent company sends them a cease-and-desist.

I'm not waiting to find out.


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