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November 24, 2022

The best cheese knife for Bayley Hazen blue

It's the one I demonstrate in the video above.

Do you like my original 1967 Formica countertop?

Classic pattern.

But I digress.

All blue cheeses are problematic when it comes to cutting them: if you've allowed an hour or two to come to room temperature, as recommended by experts, these cheeses find themselves in a kind of textural no-man's land — too soft to slice neatly with most hard cheese knives yet too hard to cut neatly with a soft cheese knife.

Yes, specialized knives exist for different firmnesses.

But I digress.

Bayley Hazen blue cheese is made by Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, and can be oftimes found in good supermarket cheese departments.

You can buy it online ($21.99/half-pound) but fair warning: shipping and handling costs for cheese are often astronomically high, sometimes more than the cost of the cheese itself.

My Bayley Hazen blue cheese knife costs $18.

Not sure?

Here's a video

from Rada Cutlery, which makes my favorite Bayley Hazen knife.

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At very first ultra-myopic glance I thought a cheese had been named after me! ME!
I wasn't real sure if I should be flattered or not, but then I did a tight focus-in and cleared that up. I'm fine with the lack of cheese fame.

Posted by: Flautist | Nov 24, 2022 2:56:37 PM

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