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November 30, 2022

Irvins Black Pepper Salmon Skin — 'Dangerously addictive'

That's no exaggeration: this is one great snack.

You can too, right here.

They make lots of other stuff.

If you're not delighted, let me know and I'll refund twice what you paid.

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Found 'em at my local HMart; bought Plain and Black Pepper.
So far I've only tried the Plain (if anything about Salted Egg Salmon Skin can be called "plain".
They have umami out the wazoo, so to speak.
Unlike chicharrones, which I can gobble down non-stop,
these are so rich I can only eat a few.
This is a good thing - they ain't cheap.

Posted by: Luke | Dec 2, 2022 8:37:49 AM

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