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November 23, 2022

'The Absurd Logistics of Concert Tours'

From The Browser:

Explanation of the intricate choreography required to make a large-scale music tour happen.

In this case study, the crew has a 21-hour turnaround between one show ending and another beginning, and must get all of the musicians, dancers, instruments, equipment, and sets 500 miles across the Rockies to the next venue.

It's a logistical performance to rival anything seen onstage.

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Along those lines - Peter Gabriel placed all of his stagehands in orange jumpsuits and turned on the house lights between songs so that the audience could appreciate the hard work that was undertaken and also to highlight the intricate dance that they performed every night. I think you can find that on YouToob...


Posted by: Rattlesnake Jake | Nov 24, 2022 9:57:01 AM

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