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November 14, 2022

'The Capture' — Season 2

This high-tech high-gloss high-octane British thriller knocked me back in my chair with the completely unexpected ending of the final episode [6/6] of Season 1.

That's why I was so delighted to learn that there's a Season 2, six episodes on Peacock.

Hold my calls and don't bother knockin' tonight 'cause the first two are going down right here.

The cast is superb, BTW, especially the lead, Holliday Grainger.

If "The Peripheral" is even half as good I'll be chuffed.

Highest possible recommendation.

Lagniappe: unlike Prime and its ilk, which dole out series episodes on a weekly basis, making it impossible to binge-watch like I prefer (2-3 episodes at a sitting) until the final week, Peacock puts them up all at once.

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