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December 4, 2022

'The Peripheral'


I very much looked forward to watching this 8-part series on Prime Video adapted from William Gibson's 2014 novel of the same title, hoping it might be better than the book, which I found confusing and hard to follow.

His Blue Ant Trilogy — "Pattern Recognition" (2003); "Spook Country" (2007); and "Zero History" (2010), for me marked peak Gibson.

No worries: this video adaptation is great — and that's after only watching one episode.

Chloë Grace Moretz, the star of the show, is way better than I recall from her past movies, perfectly cast. 

The visuals, though, are the real star of this production, starting with the opening credits.

Can't wait to get back to Episode 2 and the rest.


another trailer.

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Transforms by Harukiru

The Japanese artist crafts sculptures from ordinary snack packaging.

From a profile of the artist on awesomebyte:

The designs are not Harukiru's figments of imagination but are inspired by the designs on the packages themselves.

This is because he respects the image of the original container and tries to emulate it as much as possible.

This makes his craft even tougher to accomplish.

Some paper sculptures, such as the winged lion figure cut from a Ritz cracker box, required three days to make!

See more of his work here.

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Color Changing Stress Ball

From websites:

This soothing sensory ball is filled with a thick gel that is a different color from its flexible skin.  When you squeeze the ball the interior color shows through, making it change colors!

Features and Details:

 Two color options: Blue/Green or Red/Yellow



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