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December 2, 2022

SixPad Facial Fit — 'EMS facial muscle training device'

From the website:

Exercise for the face? Really? Well, yes!

There are over 24 individual muscles on each side of your face and very few of them get the attention they need.

As a matter of fact, most of us only exercise the ones we use for eating or talking.

Should we exercise the rest?

We should because our whole lifestyle is mirrored on our face.

All the fatigue, all the stress, and all the sorrows that end up making us look older than we are!

And how to best exercise them? With the SixPad Facial Fit, of course!

Using the now universally acknowledged electric muscle stimulation method, MTG's SixPad Facial Fi has two sets of eledyne fabric electrodes, delivering a 10-minute program of 20 Hz vibrations to the sides of your face, waking up even the inner muscles that are very rarely used.

Although a full charge keeps the device going for 20 hours, the default 10-minute setting is more than enough to start feeling and looking differently.

And the best part: it's not bigger than a pair of earphones, so you can always have this device with you to give your face a workout anytime and anywhere you want!

Features and Details:

• Modes: training; soft

• EMS frequency: 20 Hz

• Weight: approx. 5.6 oz

• Size: 6.8" x 8.1" x 2.8"

• Eledyne fabric electrodes

• Instructions/manual: Japanese

• Recommended use: 10 minutes/day

• Charging time: approximately 4 hours

• Continuous operating time on single charge: approximately 20 hours

• Includes 4 electrodes, laundry net, USB charging cable (Type-C), support band

• Materials: Polypropylene, ABS plastic, brass, polyester, polyurethane, stainless steel


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