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December 26, 2022

Vanta ❤️ printer

My ancient H-P inkjet printer is like aural catnip to Vanta: as soon as it starts up making its Willy Wonka-like preparatory mechanical clicking and clacking noises, she races to it from wherever she happens to be.

The only other sound guaranteed to make her appear is unwrapping a roll of Smarties candy: she loves to play with the wrapper and when she's sleeping I make a point of going outside to unwrap these sweet treats — as wonderful now as they were last century (who knows? maybe the ones I have are from the last century... but I digress) — so as not to rouse her from her dreams chasing electric mice and whatnot.

Her hearing acuity is phenomenal, bordering on unbelievable.

Her sense of smell's right up there as well.

But I digressed yet again.


inspection of the finished product as the printer goes through its shutdown routine.

A good assistant's work is never done.

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Did I miss something? Where is Grey Cat?

Posted by: antares | Dec 26, 2022 8:11:51 PM

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