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January 23, 2023

A ball that bounces higher than its drop height

Am I the only one who noticed that all of today's posts featured circular or spherical objects?

I am?

Never mind.

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First 'look' at an electron

I put the word "look" in quotes because how do you call visualizing a probability cloud looking?

A post earlier this month featuring the shadow of an atom plays nicely with this electron construct.

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Levitating Clock

YouTube description:

In our modern age levitation still looks like magic, so I guess you could call Flyte a team of wizards.

First they produced a levitating light bulb and now they're back with a hovering clock.

It's called STORY and its main feature is a magnetically levitating sphere.

It travels around the wooden base and completes one full orbit at the interval of a person's choice.

The backlit display can be set to visualize different light patterns (like moon phases).

From $399.

Apply within.

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