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January 24, 2023


VantaBlack is the darkest material in the world, absorbing up to 99.966% of visible light.

FunFact: I named my cat Vanta

because of the deep black stripes on the top of her head.

More on VantaBlack here.

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Remove taped paper without tearing it

This is one of the best things I've learned so far this year.

I first saw it on reddit and was sure there was some trick involved besides stretching the tape before attempting to remove it.

There isn't — but keep the following in mind:

1) You have to really stretch the tape, pulling hard on both ends, before removing it

2) You'll get the best possible result by removing the tape very slowly

3) It won't work with easy-tear clear tape, which won't stretch: you have to use the original that requires help from a scissors or blade to cut it

But hey, if a TapeDolt©® like me can do it, anyone can — even you!

If you're not satisfied with the results let me know and I'll refund one million times what you paid for this tip (but not for the tape).

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Pen Loop


YouTube description:

Anyone who has ever misplaced their pen knows the frustration of trying to find it again.

Whether you're at school, at work, or just taking notes at home, having a pen on hand is essential.

But pens have a way of disappearing when you need them most.

That's where the Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop comes in.

This simple pen holder attaches to the inside cover of your notebook, keeping your pen within easy reach.

The elasticated fabric loop is strong enough to hold a thin pencil, a ballpoint pen, or even a thicker fountain pen.

And the self-adhesive surface makes it quick and easy to attach.

The next time you can't find your pen, just reach for your notebook and it'll be right there waiting for you.

Available in 28 colors.


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