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January 27, 2023

Perceptual Art — Michael Murphy



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Hydraulic Press Interpretive Dances

From Kottke:

I woke up this morning [Monday, January 2] and, for some reason, needed Sarah "Smac" McCreanor's hydraulic press interpretive dances to be the first thing you saw on this site in 2023.

I've watched these on Instagram many times before (see the whole set here) but I think it's worth stopping to appreciate just how great these are: the wardrobe, the inventiveness in interpretation, the physicality, the comedic timing, and the precise choreography with the press.

It's something completely ridiculous, pulled off with unbelievable skill — more of that energy in 2023 please!

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Steampunk Desk


Wrote Atish Sharma on HomeCrux:

Steampunk Desk features copper lines and antique steam gauges

IndustEvo is a U.S.-based custom industrial furniture maker with expertise in office furniture.


This desk is made of reclaimed wood with stainless steel, copper pipes, and brass fittings that transport it back to the Steampunk era.

Designed by Scott Dobert, the desk is finished with sublime details.


A highlight is a secret document compartment.


There are two file drawers and a sliding keyboard tray.

The steel legs have self-leveling feet.


Measuring 42" deep x 84" long x 31" high, the desk includes steel crank wheels on both ends and copper piping running throughout the structure.

The front features an embedded barometer.



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