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January 23, 2023

First 'look' at an electron

I put the word "look" in quotes because how do you call visualizing a probability cloud looking?

A post earlier this month featuring the shadow of an atom plays nicely with this electron construct.

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Greg, aren't all electrons identical? Interchangeable? After all, good girls go to heaven, but electrons... well, they go everywhere.

I remember shells/orbitals as well from chemistry: they CONTAINED electrons.

This is one of those electrons, its probability clouds visualized.

Am I confused or ????

Posted by: bookofjoe | Jan 24, 2023 8:38:45 AM

What atom are we looking at? I remember shells from chemistry, not sure if they're still relevent. It sort of looks like shells.

Posted by: Gregory Perkins | Jan 23, 2023 6:32:37 PM

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