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January 19, 2023

YouTube Shorts hack: You CAN change the thumbnail — unlike what it says on YouTube

Let's say you don't like the thumbnail YouTube's AI selects.

It says you can't change it — but you can.

The original version of the YouTube Short up top included about 10 seconds of me opening and repositioning the computer, starting 27 seconds in.

YouTube chose a thumbnail of my hand on the laptop rather than one with the featured self-adhesive port indicator dots.

I cut that 10 seconds and as a result, only frames with the focus of this short remained.

You can too!

Go to the YouTube Editor and select Trim & cut; cut the frames you don't like and YouTube will choose another thumbnail: after all, it can't use what no longer exists.

As a card-carrying TechnoDolt©® I must say I was chuffed to discover this and even more so to clue you in.

If this tip isn't worth twice what you paid for it, let me know....

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