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January 8, 2023

Thought Out iPhone Stand Holder for In-Car Livestreaming

I've used Thought Out's iPhone Stand Holder for many years: it's the best.

I've gone through many, many pieces of hardware that fell short for one reason or another.

I have two: one for my iPod touch and one for my phone.

From the Thought Out website:

The solid steel iPhone stand is very stable and great for any desk, counter, or kitchen.

The best stand for FaceTime or watching a video.

Twice as heavy as any aluminum stand, it does not tip over.

Configure the holder's "fingers" to fit your iPhone.

Finger grips are quickly adjusted and sized one time to your device.

After being adjusted, you can quickly place your phone in and out of the holder with ease.

The steel ball allows you to orient the holder into any position you desire.

Works with large cases like OtterBox Defender, Commuter, and many more.

Works with all iPhones, including the newest iPhone 14 models.

Features and Details:

 Instantly rotate — swivel or flip from landscape to portrait

 Robust and strong — no shake and secure fit

 Great for professionals and casual users

 Made in USA


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Thank you for the review on the PED5-Grand iPhone stand! Glad you found a way to use it within your vehicle.

Posted by: Brandi | Jan 11, 2023 1:51:09 PM

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