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February 5, 2023

One line browser notepad



This morning I stumbled on this wonderful hack by Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga.

It's an excellent tool for TechnoDolts©® like me who otherwise have to open MacMail/New Message to get a clean area to create a montage of words, images, and links suitable for publication in boj.

One line browser notepad is free, the way we like it.

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Extinguish a candle with a custom-made copper coil

How cool is this?

Alas, no closed captions and the YouTube description offers explication only in German or French.

But hey — nobody understands quantum mechanics, as Richard Feynman noted, yet we happily enjoy its fruits in every computer, phone, or electronic device we use.

A 33-foot roll of 16 gauge (1.29 mm Ø) copper wire costs $12.99.

That's enough wire to make at least 100 of these nifty devices so you can give one to everyone you know.

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Nautilus Letter Opener


From the website:

A paper knife with the blade hidden inside the "shell."

When an envelope is passed through the slit on the side, a blade attached to the inner spiral enters under the flap, and opens the envelope.  


A 3D printer was used to achieve the complex shape of the exterior morphing into the blade, but because of the limited sharpness of the blade, repeated experiments were performed for the cutter's right shape, angle, and distance from the slit.


The name of the paper knife — "Nautilus" — comes from its resemblance to a spiral nautilus or ammonite shell.

White or Black.


$102 (¥13,200).

[via Core77]

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