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February 6, 2023

Sunbathing Australian Magpies

YouTube description:

Seeing any bird sprawled flat as a pancake without any movement can initially cause a lot of concern.

Especially for those who had never seen a bird "sunbathing" before.

"Oh my God! I almost had a heart attack"; "I thought it was dead, or it'd been poisoned," I've heard people say.

Rest assured, the bird is likely just sunbathing.

It appears they go into a trance-like state (and can look quite amusing while doing so!).

The lights are on, but nobody seems to be home!


Your wish is my demand.

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'The Prayer' — Diemut Strebe

Wrote SwissMiss:

"The Prayer" is a super weird art-installation by artist Diemut Strebe, exploring the supernatural through artificial intelligence with a long-term experimental set up where a robot operates a talking mouth that is part of a computer system, creating and voicing prayers.

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What is it?*


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: man-made.

A third: inedible.

*I thought my "What is it?" feature was kaput, gone the way of the dodo bird after last year's Typepad meltdown, which led me to stop using photos and images in favor of YouTube videos for graphics.

Now that the wound has healed, I'm tip-toeing back into featuring photos.

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