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February 5, 2023

Extinguish a candle with a custom-made copper coil

How cool is this?

Alas, no closed captions and the YouTube description offers explication only in German or French.

But hey — nobody understands quantum mechanics, as Richard Feynman noted, yet we happily enjoy its fruits in every computer, phone, or electronic device we use.

A 33-foot roll of 16 gauge (1.29 mm Ø) copper wire costs $12.99.

That's enough wire to make at least 100 of these nifty devices so you can give one to everyone you know.

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from the referenced site:
With this candle snuffer you extinguish the candle flame by extracting heat from it. Because the copper wire is a good conductor of heat and cools the candle . It dissipates the heat of combustion. As a result, the temperature in the candle flame falls below the combustion temperature of wax: the flame goes out. Cooling fins also cool using the principle of heat conduction, such as those clearly visible in motorcycle or moped engines. They are also made of metal, which dissipates the heat of the motor and thus cools it.

Posted by: Luke | Feb 6, 2023 9:31:10 AM

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