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February 1, 2023

mutalk — 'Leakage voice suppression microphone'


From the website:

mutalk is a soundproof Bluetooth microphone that makes it difficult for others to hear your voice and at the same time, makes it difficult for ambient noise to enter the microphone.


Conducting a conference call in a quiet office or open space such as a cafe can cause annoyance to those around you and may lead to information leakage.

Also, when you are doing voice chat in the Metaverse or online games, you often end up shouting when things get heated up, but even in such situations, you do not want to disturb your family or neighbors.

Soundproof boxes are one way to do this, but there are price and space challenges.

The soundproof Bluetooth microphone mutalk is an inexpensive and space-saving solution to this problem.

It is easy to use.

Simply place mutalk on your desk with its opening facing up to automatically mute the microphone, and lift it up to instantly unmute it.

mutalk also has an earphone jack, so it can be used with smartphones as well.

The included band can be used to secure the device to the face.

This allows for hands-free conversation even when both hands are full.

Utilizes Helmholtz resonator to achieve a muffling effect of -20 decibels or more

mutalk utilizes the Helmholtz resonator principle to achieve a significant sound deadening effect despite its small size.

When a conference call is conducted in a noisy environment, such as a quiet cafe, the sound is reduced to a level where it is impossible to hear what is being said, even if you are seated right next to the speaker.

In the high frequency range (1,600 Hz to 2,000 Hz), such as shouting, which tends to be loud and unpleasant to listen to, the sound is muffled by about -30 decibels.


Automatic mute feature for online meetings
By placing it on a desk with the bottom facing down, it has an automatic mute function.
When you put it to your mouth to speak, the mute is automatically unmuted and you can speak immediately.
Earphone jack is included and can be used with smartphone
Since smartphones do not allow the Bluetooth microphone and earphones to run on separate devices, mutalk allows a 3.5mm mini-plug earphone to be connected at the bottom for use with a smartphone.
When connected to a PC, mutalk can be used as a wireless headset with the same connection.

Removable band allows hands-free use

A removable band is included for use with online games, VR, and other applications.


By using the band, you can use the controller to distribute games, or take calls while typing or taking notes on a PC.

Hygiene-conscious, removable mouth pad

The mouth pad, which is in contact with the mouth, and the moisture-absorbing cushion, which receives saliva splashes, are removable and both can be washed in water.


Apply within.

[via Kottke who wrote, "Oh good, they're making a Bluetooth muzzle for 'doing voice chat in the metaverse or online games.' The future is amazing."]

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Ahhh, the modern version of the cone of silence. I so need this, one kid plays video games late into the night, and yes, screams when it gets heated, the other is trying to sleep. This could make for a peaceful home.

Posted by: tamra | Feb 3, 2023 1:52:02 AM

sorta like screaming into your pillow...

Posted by: Luke | Feb 2, 2023 10:10:10 AM

This even looks like an oculus.

Just give me a full space helmet and let me hit a button to make it go dark so no one can seem me. This is what I've always wanted...put in a full VR rig, noise cancelation, and my own air supply. I'd be a happy man...

Posted by: clif | Feb 1, 2023 8:44:42 PM


Posted by: Scott | Feb 1, 2023 2:20:03 PM

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