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February 2, 2023

Retractable Tweezers


Wrote Rain Noe in Core 77:

If you're doing splinter-prone work, a pointy pair of tweezers is handy to have, but not the kind of thing you can carry in a pocket without eventually goring yourself.


Veteran knife designer Bob Terzuola thus designed this Tac-N-Tweeze, a stainless steel pair of tweezers that smartly retracts into a sturdy brass handle.


A knurled wheel attached to a sliding screw locks it into any position you'd like along the slot.

From the designer's website:

The Tac-N-Tweeze are one of Bob Terzuola's latest and innovative designs.


The Tac-N-Tweeze aren't your average tweezer.


Opening and closing with the twist of the sliding screw, you can push the tweezer up and screw it in place or slide it back into its compact handle.



The Tac-N-Tweeze is convenient for easy carrying, made of black stone-washed steel with a black and brass handle.

Manufactured by Civivi.



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