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March 22, 2023

Apple's Dark Pattern


It just occurred to me that daily notifications in Settings on iPhone/iPad/MacBook are a dark pattern from Apple, trying to persuade me to enable 2FA/passcode etc.


Wait a sec — what's that classic series I'm recalling?

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'Antibodies' — Josh Klein

Above, the curator's introduction to this show, which appeared at the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo, Norway.

Guided tour below.

Zoë Lescaze visited the artist in his studio for an in-depth profile which appeared March 17, 2023 in the New York Times.

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Draft Top LIFT — Episode 2: Road test here at boj World HQ

I featured this clever device on January 10, 2023, and after thinking about it for a while ponied up and took a flutter.

My version of eating my own dog food.

Long story short: it works as advertised — though there is a bit of a learning curve until you get as slick as the demonstrator below or yours truly up top.

It took me three cans with subpar outcomes before I mastered the machine.

Fair warning: opening cans with the Draft Top LIFT and then putting them in the fridge is a recipe for a big wet mess if you happen to knock a can over, something I do from time to time.

Lagniappe: I paid $32.99 but it's now $24.99.

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