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March 23, 2023

Why podcasts don't do it for me

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I've never listened to a podcast.

I doubt I ever will.

Why is that?

From the get-go podcasts struck me as a completely unappealing way to spend time.

I love to read; I love to watch stuff on TV; I like to watch stuff on my iPad and occasionally on my phone.

But listening to some pre-recorded show?

That just doesn't do it for me.

I've never made a podcast either, BTW, and I doubt I ever will.

Even if I was offered serious money to do so I'd turn it down.


I avoid boring and fortunately, late in life, I don't have to do anything I'd rather not do.

Which brings to mind one of my favorite sayings:

"Work is what you're doing when you'd rather be doing something else."

Been there and done way too much of that.

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'Running Up That Hill' — Kate Bush, Live on Wogan 1985

Her hypnotic 1985 single, 37 years before a Netflix TV show and TikTok made it a ubiquitous chart topping hit.

Top YouTube comment of over 3,500: "My 17-year-old daughter has this on her playlist. Imagine how surprised she was when Grammie showed her the original album."

Second from top: "Imagine releasing a song when you're 27 years old and it reaches number 1 when you're 63 years old."

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Jarritos Mexican Soda Fiesta Pack

I love Jarritos' Mexican sodas — the flavors are way more intense and exotic than their American-made counterparts — but they're scarce here in Podunkville, which is why I got all excited the other day when I was in the soda aisle at Kroger and espied not one (1) but two (2) identical 12-packs, each featuring 12 different flavors.

I'm halfway through the first; up top, my big reveal.

For those who don't have the time or interest in seeing yet another FAILED video production from bojStudios, here's a list of flavors:

• Watermelon

• Passion Fruit

• Tamarind

• Mexican Cola


• Grapefruit

Fruit Punch

• Pineapple

• Mango

• Strawberry

• Lime

• Guava

Want some?

Try Walmart, where the 12-bottle Fiesta Pack is priced nicely at $10.98.

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