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March 24, 2023



I happened on this site recently and sent a link to it to Kevin Kelly who responded, "Wow. Figuring out this whale of a site."



This is a rabbit hole with a capital O.

Abandon whatever it is you were gonna do if you choose to enter.

There goes the day.


Fair warning.

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ChatGPT knows how many paws a cat has — lives, I'm not so sure

Last week I added ChatGPT to my Apple Watch.

You can too, right here, for $4.99.

I put it through its paces: the results appear up top.

It took the AI a while to come with answers and even then it hedged: "typically...".

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Got raisins?

If, like me, you like raisins and think raisins come in red Sun-Maid boxes and packages, you're in for a treat.

Organic Monukka and Jumbo Golden Raisins from nuts.com will blow your mind.

Watch the video up top and you'll see what I mean.

I had NO IDEA raisins like this existed: they have heady, unique aromas evocative of wine.

They're SO good and very different from each other, much less Sun-Maid's generic version.

Though let's be fair: when I found a little red box of raisins in my lunch bag I didn't turn up my nose, that's for sure.

Lagniappe: if you're like me and like to make wonderful flavors and textures last as long as possible, these large raisins lend themselves to prolonged intraoral manipulation.

Hmmm... that doesn't sound very nice.

No matter: though it would likely get flagged on Twitter this ain't Twitter.

But I digress.

Many more raisin varieties available.

From $7.99/lb.

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