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March 24, 2023

ChatGPT knows how many paws a cat has โ€” lives, I'm not so sure

Last week I added ChatGPT to my Apple Watch.

You can too, right here, for $4.99.

I put it through its paces: the results appear up top.

It took the AI a while to come with answers and even then it hedged: "typically...".

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I asked ChatGPT this today:

Who runs the book of joe website?

The Book of Joe website is run by Joe L. in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He started the website in 2004 as a way to share interesting and unusual things he came across in his daily life. The website has since become a popular destination for people looking for unique stories, products, and experiences.

Posted by: mmmark | Apr 5, 2023 3:09:16 PM

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