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April 27, 2023

If Möbius designed kitchen implements this would be his squeezer


Love it.

That color... be still my heart.

From websites:

This clever device allows you to squeeze exactly the amount of juice you desire, free of seeds and without risk of splatter, then protects the lemon (or lime) half in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.


Easy to use: cut lemon or lime in half, place in basket, squeeze, plug spout with stopper, and refrigerate for later use.

Silicone repels water and germs to ensure maximum food hygiene and safety.


Features and Details:



 Wash with warm water and soap, then rinse thoroughly


Set of two: $13 (Two Meyer lemons included with orders from Atlanta's southern suburbs).

Got a friend who cooks?

Giving them the spare might pay off big time.

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